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my name is Mohamed Reda El-Naggar from Egypt, I am an e-marketer, designer, web developer, and CEO of one of the marketing companies in my country, I worked for many companies throughout my career, and I have been honored by many media organizations, I am keen on many skills which have been enhanced throughout my experience

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Muhammad Reda El-Naggar, an expert in e-marketing, confirmed that e-marketing is a safe alternative to promoting products to achieve quick profit, and digital transformation changes the culture of the institution and the work environment and its development as well. Change, and work on it in the early stages.

El-Naggar explained that digital transformation is an essential factor in support of the sustainable economic development process, as digital transformation plans are a major component of the state’s strategy for sustainable development, as it is the main supporter and driver of economic and social development and development, which includes the development of communications infrastructure, and raising the efficiency of government services provision. implementing smart city and community projects, developing human cadres, and creating a supportive environment for technological creativity and innovation.

He pointed out that most countries have developed a clear plan for awareness and consolidation of concepts and objectives of the digital transformation program for all levels within the institutions, and to work at all stages of implementation, to ensure their presence and participation, to take their opinions, prepare them and train them on new work mechanisms as a product of the transformation program on a regular basis.

El-Naggar noted that digital transformation has become an obligation for countries to keep pace with global developments, pointing out that the use of electronic devices in managing business operations reduces the error rate, in addition to the fact that cash and paper transactions waste a lot of time, which necessitated the use of electronic computers to rationalize time and save a lot. effort for both government agencies and citizens.

He revealed that the investor determines the entry of any new market based on the differentiation between different countries, and therefore the investment climate of the country and the extent of technological development is an indispensable necessity to attract investment and that understanding the brand and its target audience, e-commerce companies, including them, work perfectly on Strategies dedicated to improving performance and digital marketing are innovative and distinctive, which leads to increased activity on the Internet and the desired profit.

He pointed out that the process of digitizing the economy would contribute to the implementation of the sustainable development plan in the region, provided that innovative policies are implemented to create a digital infrastructure to develop the economy in all its sectors and structures with the aim of building production capacities that fit the new digital economy by mobilizing the necessary resources to meet the needs of the necessary digital infrastructure and skills formation. and digital competencies for institutions and individuals, while upgrading policies for technological innovation and digital creativity.

On the importance of e-commerce, El-Naggar said: that e-commerce has become a safe haven to promote the Egyptian national industries through digital platforms that contribute to electronic promotion, which contributes to the spread of the Egyptian product by displaying on these new digital platforms.

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